Harvest Frontiers develops partnerships between American and Indian believers in order to focus resources and prayers on the one billion South Asians who have little or no access to the Good News of Jesus Christ. Currently, we are helping national church planters many of whom are situated in strategic city-centers of northern India, the most “un-reached” area of the world. Through small monthly gifts and micro-loans, we can provide a steady source of income that is sufficient to meet basic needs, which keeps workers on the field.



Epic Faith is a book written by YWAM BOISE/CASCADE founder, Marty Meyer. This book is about putting our beliefs into practice and becoming the people God has called us to be.  Marty Meyer shares his epic failures as well at the triumphs through which faith finds fertile soil. This book is an invitation to an adventure.

Marty delivers powerful lessons through story that will inspire you to reach for the dreams God has for you.  It will provide confidence that all things are possible for the one who believes. Epic Faith will inspire the courage to trust the One who can nourish those dreams into life.